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Free, no obligation initial consultation.

Free, no obligation detailed quotes upon request.

Up to date business management theory and consultancy from a member of the CMI.

Bespoke scope of work tailored to your exact needs.

Letter of engagement in plain English for all engaged services - clear terms and conditions - never any hidden costs.

Fully insured with professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance provided by QDOS.

DBS Checked and validated employee. 

GDPR compliant. ICO registered. 

Business Development




Let's grow your business together

Please note - the list of business development services shown below is by no means exhaustive and runs side by side with our bookkeeping and accounts services. PBS offers a fully bespoke client repertoire, and we are more than happy to combine any or all services, amend or modify the scope and work with you to create a package of support that suits your exact business needs. Should you wish to develop an overall package of support with us then please do contact us so that we can advise you accordingly – prices for combined packages will show considerable savings compared to the standalone services taken in isolation.

Business Growth
New Business Start Up

New Business Start Up 

At PBS, new business start up’s is one of our great passions. We have worked with a diverse range of clients to help them launch their business ideas and take them from theory into practice. There is no greater joy than seeing a business venture take off sustainably. To partner with our clients in achieving this and be a part of their journey gives us an immense amount of satisfaction.

Launching a business, especially in his day and age can be daunting. You may have all the ideas and skills but taking that leap of faith posses many challenges and questions.

At PBS we work calmly and effectively to allay those fears. We provide a data driven friendly service that is unique to your needs and modelled around your own set of circumstances. Starting with brainstorming and mapping ideas, working through SWOT analysis and onwards into a full-scale business plan we deploy the tools, theories and the solutions that take your idea and see it into fruition.

And our services don’t stop there – at PBS we remain by your side every step of the way providing ongoing assistance in all matters, be it advice, dealing with roadblocks, coaching, training, marketing, expansion or dealing with any of the inevitable hiccups along the way. We can and will help with any aspect of your business – however big or small it may seem.

We have helped launch many successful small businesses and every one of them remains an active client to this day and as we also offer bookkeeping services, even if your business is flying and needs no intervention or advice, we will continue to take care of all your financials thus ensuring you remain compliant and competitive at all times.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.

Coaching And Mentoring

Mentoring And Coaching

Whatever position your business may be in, we all need mentoring and coaching from time to time – its how we sense check our thoughts, how we evolve, grow, and learn, how we find solutions to the problems that face us in the business world.

At PBS we specialise in giving business mentoring and coaching to sole traders and small businesses. Larger companies often have in-house training resources but who do you turn to if you work for yourself?

You turn to PBS. With over 30 years of management experience in a diverse array of sectors and businesses, as well as being a member of the CMI our business development manager can create and deliver tailor made content that is applicable to you, and the issues you face or the questions you have. We do not rehash the same content for different clients, our approach is bespoke and unique, drawing upon years of experience and learning, combined with up-to-date management and people theory we will provide you with a mentoring program that takes away the doubts and turns them into positivity.

These sessions can be delivered face to face, via online meetings or a combination of both and will include written, visual, and audio learning that takes you on a journey forwards. PBS will help you map out your thoughts, ideas and questions and ensure a positive outcome.

More than anything we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust – our mentoring and coaching is based on facts and honesty because not every problem can be fixed in the way we would wish it to be – but it can always be managed, mitigated, better understood and if the path forwards proves to be blocked, we will help you build a different one to travel on instead.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.

Web Design And Websites

Website Design And Hosting


Whatever your business may be, in this day and age the chances are it would benefit from its own webpage. Weather that’s to advertise your services or sell products online, PBS can help.

We offer a no hassle bespoke web design service that is created in partnership with yourself to ensure that where you wish it, you have content and aesthetic control. Once the design is agreed upon and the content created, we will launch the site on our preferred hosting package.

We can also provide a domain only linked email service allowing you to secure a domain that we attach an email account to so that you can have a or .com email address etc. if you don’t yet wish to have a website.

All our websites come with

  • SSL certificate.
  • GDPR compliant cookie banner.
  • Continual, targeted SEO activity.

  • Unlimited premium email accounts with virus and spam filters.
  • Daily website backup with full restore feature.
  • Full site protection and anti-exploitation services.
  • Site Lock Find and Domain Lock.
  • Unlimited data traffic and fast load times.
  • Web statistics and full analytics – who visited your site, when, where they were and for how long as well as what pages they looked at.
  • Unlimited addition of web content such as interactive galleries, live messenger chat, WhatsApp web link, interactive location maps, client reviews, dedicated pages to the various services you offer and applicable content - including but not limited to pictures, text and videos in any combination and qty.

Of course, if you prefer, we are happy to build websites via your own preferred host/web builder and equally, we can update or amend existing websites on whatever platform they may be on if you grant us admin rights whilst the edits are made.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.




Marketing And Advertising

Marketing can be a minefield – What format to use, what to say in your advertising and more importantly how to say it. In the age of social media marketing strategies can seem even more complex and daunting and if you are a sole trader, you may be facing such decisions alone.

This is where PBS come in. We can offer you an array of solutions tailored to your needs, expectations, and market sector. Using professional design software we can create and automate your social media posts, source branded merchandise for your business, or help you advertise across mainstreams formats such as local publications, radio, internet directories, and set up and manage profiles such as Google My Business, Bing for Business etc to drive internet traffic and boost your client exposure.

It is fair to say that there are many content creators out there whose content creation is first class, but where many fall down is that they are all style and no substance, words matter always, and PBS create well worded and emotive content that conveys a genuine message at a fraction of the price many contents creators charge.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Every business, regardless of its size generates data, but many do little to extract information from that data to use in their business decisions, strategy, and planning. Time constraints and the methods of analysis are often barriers especially to the self employed where the time to do it and the skill set and software needed to do it correctly prove onerous.

And yet the information that can be derived from any business however big or small is paramount to its ongoing success, its ability to adapt and its ability to be predictive rather than reactive depend upon it.

This is where PBS can help you understand your data and give you the clear outputs you need to make informed decisions about your business.

We can analyse any data from financial data, through production data, quality data, or any information you gather or wish to have visibility on and from there we can use our experience and a suite of professional software to map the data and present it in a manner that is applicable to you and your business.

How much easier would your business decision making be if you understood your true net margin? Your sales conversation rate? You defect rate? The cost of poor quality? Your aged stock levels? demand fluctuations? or your staff loading verses your turnover? – the list is endless. We take your data, analyse it, clean it up, derive its trends and map it to answer the questions you need to allow your business to thrive.

Whatever answers you want – PBS can use your data to provide them to you, and if you don’t gather the right data to answer the questions we will work with you to ensure you gather it going forwards.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.

Business Plan

Business Plans 

Every business needs a plan. Without one we have no foresight on where we are, where we wish to be, or how we will get here.

But when it comes to setting out the plan its easy to get lost in the whys and wherefores, the whole thing can become a sea of ideas with no real way to formalise them into something tangible.

PBS can break down the barriers to successful business planning and help you to generate a living document that is updated year on year, fed with real data, whose output is what we call SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.

The key to good business planning is the data you feed in and the objectives and results that data returns, being proactive and working to a plan based in facts and reality rather than wishful thinking is the surest way you can have of forging a path forward that is achievable and relevant to you, your business, and the marketplace.

Which is why PBS ensure your business plan once generated stays a living document, as things change, as targets are met or new ones come onto the horizon, so the plan captures, justifies, or accommodates them – giving you a permanent evolving plan rather than just a snapshot in time.

After all, if you don’t have a plan – how do you know what you are doing is the best thing, or the right thing or even something you should not be doing at all.

Planning ensures we work smarter not harder – without a plan businesses cant truly evolve and evolution is the key to success in the business world.

Why not contact us now for a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. AT PBS its people who matter and we will always strive to provide you with a service whatever your immediate budget may be.

Let's work together

At PBS we are ideally placed to deliver a one stop solution for the growth and development of your business. We pride ourselves on being approachable, affordable, efficient, knowledgeable, and honest. Above all else PBS is here to build relationships with clients – not simply to get the job done but to forge alliances built on integrity, loyalty, and friendship. Alliances to the betterment of us all.

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